Saturday, October 20, 2007

Spanish at apartment parking lot. Sat, Oct 20, 2007

10/20/2007. Journal Entry. A member of our Elders' Quorum was moving today, and I showed up to help. When I arrived, the member was away getting the truck, but the full-time missionaries were there, also waiting for him.

Since missionaries cycle through different wards on their rotations, I'm able to re-tell some of my favorite placement stories to them on a regular basis. I was showing them the Book of Mormon inventory in my trunk, and telling them a few placement stories, when across the way, a neighbor of the guy who was moving was checking something in his car. He looked Hispanic, so I suggested to the elders that they offer him a Spanish Bible, Spanish Book of Mormon, and a video with a Spanish audio track. These elders don't speak Spanish, but it turned out that the man spoke English well.

They went over and had a short conversation with him while I stayed at my car. He accepted the Spanish Book of Mormon, and the DVD "The Testaments." The elders said he already had a Spanish Bible.

It may not be cool to go around proselyting in apartment parking lots. But if you have a legitimate reason to be there (help someone move), and you casually strike up a conversation with just one person, it seems within reason to do so.



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