Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ukrainian declined. Tamil, Hindi at store. Wed, Dec 5, 2007.

12/05/2007. 928. After leaving the restaurant, I felt inspired to visit this store a couple doors down.

The cashier was from India and spoke Tamil. I casually told him about some church books I had in Tamil, but didn't get to finish the presentation. Another customer came up, so I got out of the way and went to look to see what they had on sale that I could use.

When I got back to the front again and got in line, the same customer was there being helped. He had a very heavy accent, so I asked where he was from and he said Ukraine.

At this point, I had to decide whether to make a new offer to this man in front of the clerk, and thereby put the clerk on hold, or ignore the opportunity he presented in order to be more smooth with the clerk.

I figured my chance encounter with this man would be my only opportunity with him, so I offered him a church book in Ukrainian. He was very learned and already had books in Ukrainian, so the offer of a new one was not a big deal to him. He also said he was Jewish. There was no interest on his part, so I did not even bring up the Jewish/tribe-of-Israel aspects of the Book of Mormon.


The cashier wasn't enthusiastic, but he agreed to accept a Book of Mormon in Tamil. The manager was also up at the cash register, and he spoke Hindi and Urdu. After paying, I retrieved Tamil, Hindi and two English copies of the Book of Mormon, and a Hindi Liahona from the car and went back and gave them to the cashier and manager.

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