Saturday, May 19, 2007

Korean at restaurant. Sat, May 19, 2007.

05/19/2007. 825. After the cookout for Single Adults, I stayed around in that city a while to kill time until supper. There are several ethnic restaurants there, and I picked out an Asian one that I remember had Korean employees from my last restaurant-run to that city.

I sat down, ordered, and then went to wash up. But before leaving the table, I put out a couple Korean Liahonas and an English Liahona.

When I got back, the waitress had already brought my drink. I could tell that someone had looked at the Korean Liahona since it was now on top, whereas before it was under the English, with just the title showing. I then got out a Korean and another language Book of Mormon in case anyone spoke that other language.

When she brought some of my other food, she asked about the magazines, and I showed them to her and offered her the Korean, which she accepted. I offered her the Korean Book of Mormon too, but she declined. But she did accept the DVD "Finding Happiness" which has audio tracks in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and English. When I offered the corresponding English issue of the Korean Liahona that I gave her, she politely declined it.

So she ended up with one Korean Liahona magazine, and one DVD. I hope there was a pass-along card and/or info-flyer in the DVD case. I usually put one in, but I didn't double check it.

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