Saturday, May 19, 2007

English and Chinese to missionaries. Sat, May 19, 2007.

05/19/2007. Journal Entry*. I attended a cookout for Single Adults at an LDS chapel in a city outside of Indianapolis. Like most church stuff, there was excess food, so when a couple of full-time elder missionaries stopped by, they got to fill up.

I asked if they needed any copies of the Book of Mormon, and they asked for five. So I gave them five English copies, and an English KJV paperback Bible (from Int'l Bible Society), which they said they could use. I also gave them three church DVDs, one of which they haven't seen yet, The Testaments, of One Fold and One Shepherd.

I asked if they ever went to Chinese restaurants, and I told them a little about my placement efforts. I also gave them a Simplified Chinese, a Traditional Chinese, and another English Book of Mormon to give out at a Chinese restaurant. I explained a little about the difference between Simplified and Traditional Chinese. I don't know how much sank in, but they seemed to catch on to the idea.

*(I don't number the contact unless I offer something to a non-member.)

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