Friday, June 16, 2006

Moment #599-602. 7 Slavic languages at immigration forum. Fri, Jun 16, 2006.


Moment #599. After leaving the print shop, I went to a public forum about immigration and immigrants from Central and Eastern Europe. There were a couple presentations and panel discussion on Central and Eastern Europe, covering a little history of immigrations from that area, and short overviews of experiences of those immigrants in Central Indiana.

A few groups had displays on tables. One display was by the "Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures" of a university in Indiana. The department coordinator was there, and he accepted my offer of Books of Mormon in Russian, Polish, Czech, Slovenian, Croation, Romanian, Ukrainian, and English. I brought those books in from my car and then presented them to him after the program.

Moment #600. I gave Slovenian and English copies of the Book of Mormon to a young man at the forum.

Moment #601. I gave Russian and English copies of the Book of Mormon to a Russian Jewish lady outside after the forum. She was reluctant at first because it's Christian material, but when I explained the bilingual nature, she thought it would help her to improve reading English, and then she appeared enthusiastic about them. I didn't want to belabor the point about Lehi's family being Jewish, so I didn't even bring that up. But it did occur to me.

Moment #602. I gave Polish and English copies of the Book of Mormon, and a Polish New Testament to a professor/scientist from Poland outside after the forum.


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