Thursday, June 15, 2006

Moment #595. Urdu at middle-eastern market. Thu, Jun 15, 2006.

06/15/2006. I was in the neighborhood so I decided to stop by a certain middle-eastern grocery store in NW Indy. I've been here before, back in 2004, and gave a Telugu Book of Mormon to another customer who joined in a converstation I was having with the cashier. That cashier was working there today, but not at the cash register. Another man was attending the cash register.

After checking out, and taking a few steps towards the exit, I had the feeling I had better speak to the cashier. I returned, and there were no other customers in line, so I asked him what languages he spoke. He said Urdu. I asked if he spoke Pashto too. He said his wife spoke Urdu and Pashto. I asked if he was Muslim, and he said yes. I offered him a free book from my church in Urdu, and one in Pashto, and that I had the Urdu one in my car. He said okay, so I went out and retrieved Urdu and English copies of the Book of Mormon from the car. I checked and didn't have the Pashto Gospel Fundamentals, but I had them at home.

I went back in and he was talking with some other men, so I stood back, but they apparently weren't customers so he turned his attention to me, and I presented the Urdu and English Books of Mormon.


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