Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Moment #590. Zulu to neighbor for coworker. Wed, May 31, 2006.

05/31/2006. I worked out at the gym right up until closing time. I still had to cool down, so I walked from one end of the strip mall to the other. When I got to a restaurant, my next-door neighbor was there, waiting for the thunderstorm to pass. She asked if she could ride back with me instead of walking in the rain or having to take a taxi. I said sure.

We talked about the gym on the ride back, and I pointed out how bad it looked that I drove my car the 3 blocks to the gym instead of walking. But I said my excuse was that I meet a lot of immigrants at that strip mall, so I keep foreign language copies of the Bible and the Book of Mormon in the car to give them out to people I meet.

She concurred that there were a lot of immigrants in our neighborhood, especially a lot of Africans. She volunteered that one of her co-workers was from South Africa. I offered her a Book of Mormon in Zulu to give to him as a surprise. She thought that was cool. So when we got back to our parking lot, I got a Zulu Book of Mormon out of the trunk and gave it to her.


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