Monday, October 13, 2008

Chinese at restaurant. Mon, Oct 13, 2008.

10/13/2008. 1076. I felt inspired to go have supper at a certain shopping center in a nearby town. I haven't been past this location in two or three years. I don't think I've actually stopped at this restaurant before.

I ordered and sat down, and when the waitress brought my dinner she didn't seem to notice the material I had set out on the table. They were kind of busy with lots of delivery orders that night.

After I finished eating, and after things quieted down, I went back to the counter and bought another can of soda and offered her some Chinese and Engnlish material from my church. She agreed to receive it. I went back to my table and retrieved the Chinese Book of Mormon (simplified script) and an English copy, along with the Finding Happiness and Together Forever DVDs. She seemed geniunely interested and grateful.

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