Monday, June 25, 2007

Will catch up blogging soon.

Things have slowed down as far as book placements. And I haven't kept up blogging the ones I have made. Last week I took a 3.5 day trip, made 12 placements along the way, and had a few missed opportunities, one of which I really chickened out on. That one was the same gas station and same cashier where I chickened out last year. Yikes.

I made a few of the same stops as last year's trip. One was at a Chinese restaurant, but it was now closed. I noticed it and wrote it down on last year's trip, but didn't eat there at the time, because it wasn't meal-time. It was only about an hour outside of Indianapolis. I had intended to make a special trip there, just for lunch or dinner after last year's trip, but kept putting it off. Then, when I finally got there on this year's trip it was closed. "If ya snooze, ya lose" was certainly true there.

Another repeat stop was at a certain gas station, to see a cashier to whom I neglected to give a Book of Mormon last year. I was prompted to offer her something last year, but chickened out. So this year I intentionally stopped at the same place again. She wasn't there, and I asked if she still worked there. I had remembered her name from her name tag, and had written it down in my journal. The cashier said she had moved out of state just a couple weeks ago. Again, "if ya snooze, ya lose."

There are two factors in the reduction of placements this year. One is that there aren't as many immigrants in the part of town where I now live.

The other is that I'm not in tune with the Spirit as much. I've had some bitter feelings towards a certain church member (who's in another ward) with whom I've had a serious misunderstanding. The misunderstanding and breakdown of communication reached a point where I need to speak with this person's bishop in the hopes that he can talk with this person and resolve the misunderstandings between us. I tried talking with this person, and had friends talk to this person too, and that didn't work. So, according to DC 42:88-89, I need to go to the "elders of the church", which in this case I believe would be this person's bishop.

I'm a bit embarrassed to go to a bishop to ask his help in working out something that two adults should be able to work out on their own. But hey, the directions are in the scriptures. If you try to work it out and can't, get your friends to help, and if they can't, go up the "chain of command" in the church.


At 6/26/2007 12:11:00 AM, Blogger Bored in Vernal said...

Best wishes in solving your difficulties. We are all rooting for you. Get back to your "marvelous work" handing out those BoM's!


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