Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Book of Mormon Moment #442. Spanish. Wed, Oct 12, 2005.

10/12/2005. After getting gas at the Shell, I thought of what to do, go back home, go visit a friend on the East side, or go look for more opportunities. I felt inspired to go turn East and look for more opportunities. I passed another gas station, and felt drawn to it, but it was too late to turn so I had to go down the street and turn around and come back. I didn't fill up previously, so I could get some more gas.

As I went in to pre-pay there was an ethnic-looking young lady coming out. She spoke with an accent but I couldn't identify it. The cashier didn't seem to be my intended contact, so I went back out and put some more gas in the car.

The young lady was parked in a parking spot in front of me, standing outside of her car, and had just got off of her cell phone when I was done putting gas in the car. I asked her "Parlez vous francais?" but she didn't understand me. But she was from the Dominican Republic and spoke Spanish, and just a little French. I said I like to give out Bibles and asked if she needed or wanted a Bible in Spanish or French. She said she would like one in Spanish.

I got out a zip lock bag containing a Spanish Bible and a Spanish Book of Mormon. I presented the Bible first, then explained that we believe in both the Bible and the Book of Mormon. She accepted the Spanish Book of Mormon too. I asked if she'd like the English to go with it, and she said okay, but just the Book of Mormon. So I got out an English Book of Mormon from the car and gave it to her.

Another man who seemed to know her then arrived, and I offered him a Bible, and he politely declined. He didn't seem offended or bothered by my offer at all. But the young lady was genuinely interested in the books.

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