Monday, April 30, 2007

English declined at store. Mon, Apr 30, 2007.

04/30/2007. 817. I was shopping at a store, and overheard two employees talking while they worked. One was telling the other how she had recently switched churches, and mentioned some of the reasons. I was browsing some products, figuring out which to buy, and was within casual conversation distance. At what I felt was an appropriate time, I spoke up, asking "Uh, would you like a free Book of Mormon?" The employee politely declined. But we continued to chit-chat just a few seconds more. I said something about doing "comparison shopping" in regards to churches.

Some readers of this blog think segueing conversations into religious discussions is creepy. But I think this encounter was rather natural. The one employee was already talking churches, about switching from one to another, and they were speaking within earshot of the public. It seemed just as natural to speak up at that moment as if they had been talking about the weather or a sports game.

What I had in mind when offering a free Book of Mormon, was to go out to the car and get one, but I didn't actually say that I had one with me. I suppose I could have been more bold and offered a pass-along card just in case she wanted the phone number for future reference. The more I think about it, the more I believe I should have at least offered a card after she declined to receive the book.

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At 5/03/2007 01:50:00 PM, Anonymous Barb said...

I think that it may have been better in that situation to offer the pass along card rather than a Book of Mormon. I agree that since they were speaking religion that it would have been a good time. If you had one of those pamplets on the key points of a Church being like the Church as outlined in the Bible that may have been a good choice.

I think it is great that you seek opportunities. Don't be so hard on yourself though whether it is and English or a different language where you miss the opportunity. Sometimes it just doesn't work out. Most of us don't even try on a daily/ weekly/monthly basis to share the Gospel. I do believe that faith can bring to pass much good and that we need to share with the hope that we will find those that God has prepared.

I would have never expected to be receptive to another religion myself as I was a very content Cahtolic. I think people do prejudice themselves against opportunities thinking someone would not be interested. And I wasn't interested on the surface. However, I found myself looking up Joseph Smith's First Vision in our World Book Encylopedia at home. It was very much what my LDS friend had said. Just because I like how things tie together, I will mention that we bought our Enclyclopedias from an LDS lady. My dad worked with her husband at Union Pacific. He also painted the interior of their house before they moved.

I do wish that people were not so formal or closed so that it would be more natural to share spiritual thoughts even with strangers.


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