Friday, November 24, 2006

Chinese at restaurant. Lunch. Fri, Nov 24, 2006.

11/24/2006. 756. I've been to this restauarant before. I went in and put my book bag on a booth seat and my Ensign magazine on the table top. It looks like it's been remodeled, and there are different people working there now, so it might be under new ownership. I placed my order at the counter, and struck up a conversation with the lady right there. She spoke Cantonese, and I offered her a free video. I was intending to give her "Together Forever" but when I went back to my book bag, it wasn't in there, so I had to go back out to my car.

I gave her the multi-lingual "Together Forever" and the "Finding Happiness" DVD's, and a traditional script Chinese Book of Mormon. She enthusiastically accepted them, and started flipping through the Book of Mormon right away. I forgot to offer her an English Book of Mormon, so I hope I remember to go back and follow up in the near future.


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