Friday, March 04, 2011

Swahili and Arabic at restaurant. Fri, Mar 4, 2011.

03/04/2011. 1275. I was at a restaurant for a buffet lunch. There was only one other customer at the time. We were both at the food table. I forget what we initially talked about, but I noticed that he spoke with a slight accent, and his name tag showed a non-Anglo name. I asked where he was originally from, and he said Kenya. In addition to perfect English, he spoke Swahili and Arabic. He was rather chatty himself, so he told me some of his life story. I brought up the Book of Mormon being available in Swahili and Arabic, and he was very interested in getting something to read. I was all out of English copies of the Book of Mormon, but I was pretty sure I still had Arabic and Swahili in the car.

After I filled my plate and put it on my table, I went outside and retrieved Arabic and Swahili copies from my car. I went over to where he was sitting to present them, and he enthusiastically received them. I explained that I was out of English copies, but I showed him the phone number that he could call to get a free English copy.

Because he was wearing his name tag, I might be able to contact him through his employer for a follow-up.

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At 8/11/2011 09:51:00 AM, Blogger Bryce said...

This is a really cool blog! I just met a man from Kenya here in Bountiful, Utah. He came here last Friday from Nairobi to begin studies at Salt Lake Community College. Through a strange coincidence of wrong busses taken, on his way home from Orientation, he ended up over twenty miles from his apartment! It happened, that we were on the same bus. He got off, asked for directions, and I offered to give him a ride to his home.

By and by, I was able to help him make it back to his apartment. I also had the opportunity to share the restored gospel with him. He is excited to get a hold of a copy of the Book of Mormon.

Thanks for this awesome blog!


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