Friday, September 03, 2010

Yoruba at gas station. Fri, Sep 3, 2010.

9/3/2010. 1250. I stopped at a gas station for a soda and a snack. There was a taxi in one of the parking spaces, with the driver inside the taxi. When I came back out here was still there. I ate my snack at my car, and the taxi driver was still there, so I decided to go over and see if he wanted something from the church. I looked like he might be from Africa.

I asked him if he spoke French, and he said no. I said I thought he might be one of the many taxi drivers from Africa. He said he was from Africa, but spoke English. I asked which country, and he said Nigeria. I asked him if he was Yoruba or Igbo. He said Yoruba.

I said my church has a free book in several African languages, the Book of Mormon, and asked if he'd like to see one in Yoruba. He said sure. In fact, he was very excited and pleased. I said I'd get one from my car and return.

You should have seen the look on his face when he saw the title. Not only did he want something to read in Yoruba, but he had been looking for a copy of the Book of Mormon too. Before I even asked if he wanted the English copy, he asked if I had an English copy. So I gave him that one too.

He was a really cool guy, and said that my offer was an answer to his prayer. I understood that he's either a pastor or some kind of lay minister in his church. We continued to chat for a while, and I pointed out the list of local LDS chapels and my calling card in the books.

I also offered him a couple videos, which he accepted too. I gave him "Intro to the Church" and "Joy to the World."

It was a very pleasant encounter.

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At 9/09/2010 12:32:00 AM, Anonymous grego said...


While many are talking, you are doing.

You are an inspiration!

At 9/28/2010 03:12:00 AM, Blogger Ahmed said...

I need book of Mormon, I want study it my e-mail is
Looking for your response.


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