Thursday, August 12, 2010

English at gas station. Thu, Aug 12, 2010.

08/12/2010. 1247. I was on a trip in a nearby town (see previous entry), heading back towards home, and I stopped to refuel at a convenient gas station along the right side of the main road back to the Interstate highway. The cashiers weren't immigrants and I did not offer them any gospel material.

As I was about to pull back onto the main road, I believe the Spirit indicated I should go to another gas station on the other side of the street. So instead of turning at the light, crossed the street and went to that gas station. I bought something to drink, and after paying I was the only one in line, so talking to the cashier would not delay any other customers.

I said to him that I liked to give out Bibles, and asked if he would like a free Bible. He did not show any sign of annoyance, but politely declined. I then asked if he'd like a free Book of Mormon. He asked what that was as if he had never heard of it before. I said that at our church we use both the Bible and the Book of Mormon, that we believe in both. He asked what church and I said the name of the church. He thought about it a few seconds, then casually said "okay." I said I'd get it from the car, and be back. So I got one from the car, and went back in and got in line, and presented it to him. I said that if he wanted any more information or had questions, that he could call one of the numbers in the book. In the book I had placed a church Book of Mormon pass-along card, one of my custom pass-along cards, and my personal calling cards.

I am very grateful for that opportunity; grateful to the Lord, and to the gentleman at the cash register.

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