Thursday, August 06, 2009

"X", then Czech declined at shopping center. Thu, Aug 6, 2009.

08/06/2009. 1178. "X." One of my contacts from last year texted me on my cell phone. He had received at least one of the missionary discussions, came to church once or twice, but moved to away to take a better job. We've kept in contact since then. His text message said he was laid off, and he asked me to help him find a job here. He has a high-paying skill, but is also willing to take a minimum wage job. I took two 3 x 5" index cards and wrote his name and number and what jobs he could do on them. I took them to a store run by people who speak his language, and the owner agreed to put one on his bulletin board. (That family had already received a Book of Mormon and a magazine in their language.)

I walked down the shopping center looking for a newspaper vending machine, and passed a beauty salon where the people looked like they were from the same country. So I stopped in and asked if they had a bulletin board to post a note from a man who spoke "X" who was looking for a job. They said okay, so I gave them the second 3x5 card. They spoke "X" too. So I offered them a free magazine in "X" from church and they agreed to receive it. I went back to my car and got out a couple Liahonas and a Book of Mormon, and took them back to the beauty salon. They enthusiastically accepted the magazines. I made sure to point out it was Christian material before presenting the magazines, and they were fine with that.

1179. Czech declined. The newspaper vending machine I was looking for was empty, so I walked around to the other end of the shopping center. As I got there, a woman was looking for a lost item in the parking lot, so I helped her look a bit. She spoke with an accent, so I asked her what other languages she spoke, and she spoke Czech. I offered her a Czech Book of Mormon, but she declined, saying she already had a Czech Bible. We didn't find her lost item. The newspaper vending machine at that end of the shopping center was empty too.

But see the next post for the conclusion of the story about looking for a newspaper.

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