Thursday, August 06, 2009

Jump-start a car, English DVD. Thu, Aug 6, 2009.

08/06/2009. 1180. I still hadn't purchased a newspaper, so on the way home from the shopping center (where I distributed the two "job wanted" cards for a previous contact), I stopped at a drugstore. They still had the day's paper, so I bought it there, and stopped again at the newspaper rack to read some headlines on the other newspapers. (Okay, so I read tabloid headlines, but just the ones on the cover.)

On my way to the car, I noticed someone was having trouble starting their car. It was turning over, but too slowly, like the battery was weak. It sounded like they needed a jump-start. I have jumper cables, so I asked if they needed a jump, and they said yes. I drove my car over to where they were parked. One of the people was the cashier from the drug-store

We successfully got the car started, and the car owner was very appreciative, and introduced himself as the drugstore manager.

I took advantage of the conversation to just flat out offer him a DVD from church, and he readily agreed to receive it. I took a copy of "Our Heavenly Father's Plan" out from the back seat and presented to him, and he asked where the church was, and I told him. But I forgot to point out the flyer inside the DVD clamshell.



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