Friday, May 22, 2009

French at restaurant. Fri, May 22, 2009.

05/22/2009. 1146. I hadn't planned on making this lunch into a placement opportunity. I was out doing an errand and I just wanted to have lunch at a place where I liked the food. It's a Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean kind of place. I didn't take anything in with me except a Spanish Liahona to read myself.

During our conversation I learned that the lady who took my order was from a country that speaks Arabic and French. I didn't feel up to offering an Arabic and English Book of Mormon. But I did feel comfortable offering some French issues of the Liahona magazine. I subscribed to the French Liahona for a few years, but I haven't given many out, so they've been accumulating.

I assumed her family was Muslim, so I made sure she knew it was Christian religious material, and she didn't have a problem with that, and was still willing to receive the material. So while I waited on my order, I went out to the car and brought back in a couple French Liahona magazines. She was very polite and grateful in accepting them.

The food was very good, so I left a good tip; and I plan on going back.

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