Friday, April 03, 2009

Spanish at bakery. Fri, Apr 3, 2009

04/03/2009. 1131. I was getting ready to go to the Single Adults dinner and game night at a chapel, and headed towards a grocery store to buy something for the pot-luck dinner. I noticed a Mexican bakery across the street that was new since the last time I was in that neighborhood. So I parked in the grocery store parking lot and walked over there. I thought I could get some bread or goodies to take. I wasn't even thinking of a book placement as I normally don't offer Spanish material any more, unless there's a clear opening, or unless I receive a spiritual impression to do so.

I spent a few dollars on a variety of stuff. I forget how the conversation started, but I think the owner said something about a church for which he had a flyer on the counter. That opened the door for me to offer him a free Spanish Bible. It turned out that he needed one but didn't know where to buy one. He accepted my offer, so I took my stuff back over to my car and brought back a Spanish and an English Bible, and a Spanish and an English Book of Mormon.

I presented the Spanish Bible, and he gratefully accepted it. I told him he could buy more at, and I gave him the directions to a Mexican Christian bookstore not far from there. I then introduced the Spanish Book of Mormon, and how we use both. He accepted it too. He accepted the English Bible and English Book of Mormon too. He was very appreciative and grateful for the material.

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