Monday, April 07, 2008

Punjabi declined. Mon, Apr 7, 2008.

04/07/2008. 1011. I stopped at a gas station for some gas, and when I pre-paid, I asked the cashier what other languages he spoke. He was from India/Pakistan, and spoke several. He politely but firmly declined my offer of church books in the languages he spoke. I've been to this station before, but hadn't made any placement efforts, and probably haven't talked with him before.

He didn't have a favorable opinion of Christian churches, and declined to receive material on that basis. The interesting thing is that his objections were pretty much along the lines of how the LDS church and many others differ from mainstream Christianity, such as a multiplicity of denominations, hypocrisy, Sunday-only religion, lack of compassion. I wanted to say "But we're different kind of Christians than those other guys", but I didn't. He just plain wasn't interested, and didn't want to waste time reading about Christianity, and I didn't want to contend. Anyway, I basically agree with all his observations. I think that many churches/religions/denominations do suffer from the faults he pointed out.

I'd like to stop by there again and give him opportunity to ask questions and let him continue the conversation if he wants.

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