Thursday, May 03, 2007

LDS videos to round out PBS' "The Mormons".

What do Mormons really believe? I was somewhat disappointed that the things I wanted to see didn't appear in the recent PBS 4-hour long presentation of "The Mormons."

The following DVDs from the LDS church (between 3 and 3.5 hours total combined running time) give what I think are the basics of LDS belief in God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Links go to the Distribution Center web site where you can purchase copies.*

Listed in the order in which I would present them:

1. The Restoration. **This video recording recounts how Joseph Smith's search for truth led to the First Vision and the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It portrays the religious atmosphere in the early 1800s and the conditions that led to Joseph Smith's determination to enter the Sacred Grove. It is ideal for members and missionaries to share with family, neighbors, friends, and investigators. 20 min. Price: $2/each. Case of 50: $1.18/each.

2. Our Heavenly Father's Plan. This video recording gives a brief introduction to the principles in the plan of salvation through words, pictures, and music. 29 min. Price: $4.50/each. Case of 50: $1.50/each.

3. Special Witnesses of Christ. This video recording features members of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve declaring their personal witness of Jesus Christ. Filmed in such locations as Jerusalem, the Sacred Grove, and Nauvoo. This recording was filmed prior to the calling of Elder Uchtdorf and Elder Bednar. 65 min. Price: $4.50/each. Case of 50: $1.50/each.

4. Together Forever. This video recording contains thoughts, pictures, and music centered on the eternal nature of the family. It is ideal for members to use in helping nonmembers feel the Spirit and prepare to receive the missionary discussions. 25 min. Price: $4.50/each. Case of 50: $1.18/each.

5. An Introduction to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This DVD gives an overview of the beliefs, purpose, and mission of the Church. Chapter/section headings are: Missionary Work, Core Beliefs, Humanitarian Service, History, Temples and Meetinghouses, Role of the Family, Church Organization, A Code of Health, Church Education, Arts and Culture, Family History, Church Headquarters. Price: $4.50/each. Case of 50: $1.50/each.

For the printed word, if someone wants to know what the official beliefs of the LDS church are, I would of course recommend the scriptures, and Gospel Principles, the Sunday school manual.

* Purchasing items from the LDS Salt Lake Distribution Center does not put you on any mailing list, and you will not receive any calls or visits from anyone in the missionary department. They do not check to see if you are a member (unless you try to buy temple clothes or garments). So if you want to "secretly" buy reading material or videos from the Mormon church, and don't want anyone to know, and don't want to be bothered by missionaries, go ahead and order stuff from They ship to PO boxes if you want to ensure privacy that way.

** Descriptions of videos are taken from the web site.

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At 5/03/2007 11:22:00 PM, Blogger m_and_m said...

Woo hoo, Bookslinger! I'd add the DVD Finding Faith in Christ to the list as well. :) And maybe one of the more spiritual CDs from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for fun....


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