Thursday, May 11, 2006

Moment #577. Chinese declined. Thu, May 11, 2006.

05/11/2006. Tonight I had supper at the buffet that I found while returning from an out-of-town trip on May 9th. (#576)

No interest was shown when I had the books out on my table while I was eating. I approached a couple of the employees behind the cashier's counter after I was done eating. I didn't even get to explain the bilingual nature of the books before the younger one politely declined saying they were Buddhist. She explained something in Chinese to the older lady. I didn't detect any curiosity on her part, so I didn't press or even try to explain the bilingual nature and benefit of a Chinese and an English translation. I was the only customer, so I didn't waste anyone else's time.

On Tuesday evening, I had felt I was prompted to this location. So my thoughts are that I either messed up, or went to the wrong restaurant in this strip, or perhaps only the offer itself, though declined, was what was called for. There was another restaurant, an American-style chain store not an ethnic restaurant, nearby. I plan on going to it in the near future and see if that may have been the intended destination.


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