Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A callback! From earlier today (#437). Shona. Tues, Oct 11, 2005.

10/11/2005. I received a call from a gentleman thanking me for the Shona Book of Mormon that the proprietress of the African grocery store gave him earlier in the day. This man is from Zimbabwe and speaks Shona and English.

I asked if he'd like to talk to a member of our church from Zimbabwe, and he said yes. So I gave him the name and number of Brother E in the Zionsville Ward. Brother E is originally from South Africa, but lived in Zimbabwe a while before coming to the United States. Brother E speaks Shona, English, and Zulu.

I then asked my caller if he knew the musical group Mushawaparara Mbira in Zimbabwe. He was surprised and said he did. I said that a member of that group, E, now lives in Indianapolis here on the West side. This gentleman's phone number (on my caller ID) indicated he also is on the West side of Indy. So I gave him E's name and number.


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