Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Roadside Bible/Book of Mormon giveaway.

In December 2014 I tried a new contacting method with our ward's full-time missionaries. I made up a couple signs. One said "FREE BIBLES AHEAD" and the other "FREE BIBLES HERE."

We put on cheap Santa hats, and stood along the street during afternoon rush hour in front of a parking lot.  I had the "AHEAD" sign and stood about 3/4ths block "upstream" of traffic, to give people a few seconds to decide if they wanted to pull in.

There was a right-turn-only lane into the parking lot, so people slowing down to turn did not hamper traffic flow.  And we "aimed" our signs at only the near-side traffic, on our side of the street, going away from town.  We did not want to cause traffic congestion or accidents by people making a left turn mid-block into the parking lot we were using.

The missionaries got good results with it, including referrals and appointments.  They answered a lot of questions, and had a lot of what they call "mini discussions".

I did it several times with them, and they did it several times on their own.

In April, I did it with missionaries from the next ward over, a DL and  ZL on an exchange, and they got three appointments with folks in the ZL's actual area.

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