Friday, June 18, 2004

Moment #2. Zulu at gas station. June 18, 2004.

06/18/2004. Yesterday, I separated out the African languages from my Book of Mormon collection thinking I might need them. Today, before I left the house, I had a strong feeling that I needed to put the African languages in the car, and I did so.

I ran some errands and decided to eat at a Chinese restaurant. On the way, I decided to stop at a Speedway Gas station to get some pop. One of the clerks was a black man with a foreign accent. I asked him where he was from. He said Pennsylvania and New York. "And before that?" I asked. He said Zimbabwe.

I asked him what African languages he spoke and he said some Tswana but mainly Zulu. I asked him, "If I gave you a book in Zulu, would you read it?" He said yes. I said "I'll be back."

I went back to the car and took the box of African language books into the gas station and gave him the one in Zulu and asked if he'd like the English version too. He seemed happy to receive them, and said that reading it would remind him of home. I left my business card with the books, asking him to let me know what he thought.

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Monday, June 07, 2004

To get your free copy of the Book of Mormon in any of these languages, call toll-free nationwide: 1-888-537-2200.

You can order a free English Book of Mormon online here.

Buy extra Books of Mormon from the Church Distribution Center in any language. Click on "Scriptures," then "Missionary Book of Mormon." Or, this link, might take you directly there.

English copies of the Book of Mormon are available at Amazon. Amazon has the blue missionary editions (about $2.00) and the $16.49 Doubleday commercial edition.

Outside of the USA, go here, and click on the country/city nearest you, to see the nearest Mission Office. Then follow the link for "Mission info" to find the phone number.

(I'm sorry that some of the following links are broken. If you find a broken link, then go to the main Book of Mormon page, here.)

The Book of Mormon is available in printed editions of:

1. Afrikaans (South Africa)
2. Albanian
3. Amharic (Ethiopia)
4. Arabic
5. Armenian (East)
6. Armenian West (discontinued)
7. Aymara (Bolivia, Chile, Peru)
8. Bengali (India)
9. Bikolano (Philippines)
10. Bislama (Vanuatu, Pacific Island)
11. Bulgarian
12. Cakchiquel (Guatemala)
13. Cambodian. Church web site.
14. Catalan
15. Cebuano (Philippines)
16. Chamorro (Guam)
17. Chinese (Traditional characters.) Church web site, Taiwan. Church web site: Hong Kong.
18. Chinese simplified char.
--. Chuukese, see Trukese
19. Croatian
20. Czech
21. Danish
22. Dutch. Church web site: Netherlands.
23. Efik (Nigeria, Cameroon)
24. English
25. Estonian
26. Fante (Akan-Fante) (Ghana)
27. Fijian
28. Finnish. Church web site: Finland.
29. French
30. German
31. Greek. Church web site.
32. Guarani (Paraguay)
33. Haitian Creole
34. Hawaiian
35. Hiligaynon (Ilonggo) (Philippines) Church web site.
36. Hindi. Church web site: India.
37. Hmong
38. Hungarian
39. Icelandic
40. Igbo (Ibo) (Nigeria)
41. Ilokano (Philippines). Church web site.
42. Indonesian. Church web site: Indonesia.
43. Italian
44. Japanese. Church web site, Japan.
45. Kekchi (Guatemala, Belize)
46. Kiribati (Micronesia)
47. Kisii (Kenya)
48. Korean. Church web site: Korea.
49. Kuna (Panama)
50. Laotian. Church web site.
51. Latvian
52. Lingala (Zaire, Congo)
53. Lithuanian
54. Malagasy (Madagascar)
55. Mam (Guatemala)
56. Maori
57. Marshallese
58. Maya, Mayan
59. Mongolian. Church web site.
60. Navajo
61. Neomelanesian
62. Niuean
63. Norwegian. Church web site: Norway.
64. Palauan
65. Pampango (Philippines)
66. Pangasinan (Philippines)
67. Papiamento (Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao)
68. Persian (Farsi)
69. Pohnpeian
70. Polish. Church web site: Poland.
71. Portuguese. Church Web site: Brazil.
72. Quechua-Bolivia
73. Quechua-Peru
74. Quiche
75. Quichua-Ecuador
76. Rarotongan
77. Romanian
78. Russian. Church web site.
79. Samoan
80. Serbian. Church web site.
81. Shona (Zimbabwe)
82. Sinhala (Sri Lanka)
83. Slovenian
84. Spanish. Church web sites: Argentina. Bolivia. Chile. Colombia. El Salvador. Mexico. Panama. Peru. Spain.

85. Swahili
86. Swedish. Church web site: Sweden.
87. Tagalog (Philippines). Church web site.
88. Tahitian
89. Tamil (Sri Lanka)
90. Telugu (India)
91. Thai . Church web site: Thailand.
92. Tongan. Church web site.
93. Trukese (Chuukese)
94. Tswana (Botswana)
95. Turkish
96. Twi (Ghana)
97. Tzotzil (Chiapas Mexico)
98. Ukrainian. Church web site.
99. Urdu (Pakistan, India)
100. Vietnamese. Church web site.
101. Waray (Philippines) (also Waray-Waray, or Samarenyo)
102. Welsh
103. Xhosa (South Africa)
104. Yapese (Micronesia)
105. Yoruba (Nigeria)
106. Zulu (South Africa, Zimbabwe)

Video Only: American Sign language.

Braille versions: English, Spanish.

  Cakchiquel, audiocassette.
  Danish, audiocassette.
  English, CD and audiocassette.
  Finnish, audiocassette.
  Kekchi, audiocassette.
  Mam, audiocassette.
  Navajo, audiocassette.
  Quiche, audiocassette.
  Swedish, audiocassette.
  Tzotzil, audiocassette.

You can also download this list in MS-word format here as file: bom-languages-105.doc.

Other language web sites at