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Welcome. Dec 16, 2007.

12/16/2007. This blog got some publicity recently, which has generated a lot of visitors. If you'd like to catch up quickly to my story, read the blog's header above, and then the rest of this post.

For a good example of how someone is using the Internet to spread good information, and promote positive discussions of the gospel and the church, please visit a couple of web sites by former bishop Jeff Lindsay. He's compiled a good list of questions and answers, and many evidences of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, not "proof" but many indications of plausibility. He also has a blog in which both believers and non-believers can participate.

No person can prove to another that the Book of Mormon is true. That knowledge can only come from God via the Holy Ghost, and usually comes as the result of reading the book, followed by sincere prayer.

Anyone can offer people a Book of Mormon, you don't have to be a full-time missionary or a ward missionary. You can give out pass-along cards, or an actual Book of Mormon, or any media that the church produces.

Offering and giving out pairs of copies of the Book of Mormon (or Gospel Fundamentals, etc.), in someone's native language and English is very easy to do, and is very well received. People love to receive something free in their original language, along with the English translation.

Here are some previous posts that explain my story:   Quick start guide to give out copies of the Book of Mormon..   How this started.   One reason why I do this.   Languages represented in Indianapolis, use as a starting point for your city.   Starting with Chinese restaurants.

I sometimes give out Gospel Fundamentals, when there is no Book of Mormon in someone's language. (BoM languages here. All Church languages here. )

Gospel Fundamentals, catalog 31129-000, is a shortened, 36 chapter, version of Gospel Principles, catalog 31110-000. Both are used to teach investigators and new members in the "Gospel Essentials" Sunday School class. When translating material for a new language, the Joseph Smith Testimony pamphlet gets translated first, then Gospel Fundamentals, then the Book of Mormon.

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