Friday, December 14, 2007

English DVD at gas station. Fri, Dec 14, 2007.

12/14/2007. 933. After leaving the apartment complex, we went to another gas station because now I really did need some gasoline for the car.

I pulled up to a pump, and gave some money to the elders for them to pre-pay inside. This would give them an opportunity for "face time" and to look for any opportunities for conversations.

I stood waiting at the pump, and when the pump indicated that the cashier had authorized it, I began filling the car.

The man using the pump on the opposite side of my machine started a conversation about how the price had really jumped recently, and I continued the conversation. After a long-enough pause in the conversation, I switched gears and just outright offered him a nativity DVD that featured the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, from the Mormon church.

He responded in the positive, and seemed genuinely interested and enthusiastic about it. I reached in the car and got out a "Joy to the World" DVD and gave it to him.

Shortly the missionaries came back, and while waiting for me to finish, noticed that the man had the DVD in his hand.

I said goodbye to the man, as he got in his car, and then the elders and I got in and we took off.

Also, not far off course on the way to the elders apartment, was an ethnic grocery store, where I wanted to do a couple things, one was to follow up on a placement there, and two, to introduce the elders to that kind of store.

The owner was busy with another customer while I took the elders around through the aisles explaining some of the food. When it was our turn to check out, we chatted with the owner a bit, but he didn't indicate any further interest or have questions about the material that I had given him before.

After this store, we went to an auto parts store so I could buy an extra ice scraper, and some sundry stuff to put in the elders' car when they get it back. While I was checking out, the elders got into a conversation with another customer.

At first I was concerned that they were imposing on him, but it turned out this guy was very chatty and he sort of button-holed them, and they couldn't politely escape for a while. So I waited around until they were able to disengage from him. They gave him a pass-along card which he accepted.

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