Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hindi at gas station. Wed, Jul 25, 2007.

07/25/2007. 853. On the way to a late-nighter at the laundromat I noticed that a new gas station had opened, so I stopped there on the way home after doing laundry. I bought a newspaper and some food for a snack. The cashier and I chatted a bit, and I found out what languages he spoke. I didn't make an offer of any material, and went back to my car. I was going to drive away and offer material on a future visit, but I felt impelled to offer something on this trip. I went back in and purchased something to drink, and made an offer to show him some stuff, and he agreed to see it. So I went back out to the car and retrieved copies of the Book of Mormon in the languages he spoke, and maybe a couple other Indian languages. He wanted the Hindi translation, and flipped through it, but he declined the English. As I drove away I could see through the glass store-front that he was still reading the book at the front counter.

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