Thursday, June 22, 2006

Missed opportunities at library. Thu, Jun 22, 2006.

06/22/2006. Yesterday (Wednesday) night when I got home, I found my internet connection not working, and had to call the cable company, as the signal was not even getting in.

The tech support guy said it wouldn't be until Saturday morning when they could send someone out to check it. I've been spending too much time online, so I figured it would be a good vacation, and I could still go to the library or Kinko's and use a public terminal to check email.

So today I went to a library to check email. Just as I was crossing the parking lot, an African family, with the lady in typical Islamic garb, was getting into their car. I could have hustled a bit and still made it over there, but I didn't. Either I was lazy or just in a bad mood over the loss of my internet connection.

While using one of the library's public computers, I noticed an African man browsing videos nearby. We could have conversed from the distance we were at, or I could have gotten out of my chair and walked the eight feet over to him. We actually made eye contact, so it would not have been awkward to speak. But again, I was still in a mood or just too lazy.

I got frustrated at myself because the idea that I used in order to not get angry over the loss of the Internet, was that maybe there would be some encounters that I would not normally have.


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