Monday, November 14, 2005

Journal Entry, Missed opportunity. Nov 14, 2005.

11/14/2005. Had lunch at a Chinese buffet restaurant that I haven't been to before, just across the county line from where I live. The one Asian employee who was running the cash register and bringing food out to the steam tables didn't come out to the dining area. She was constantly busy, never stopping for a moment, so I didn't want to interrupt her. It was about 1:30pm, so the lunch crowd hadn't fully gone away. I need to remember that opportunities for conversations improve after the lunch crowd is gone.

I had the two kinds of Chinese editions of the Book of Mormon on my table. The busboy was a Hispanic gentleman with a long hairstyle typical of Indians, or those who are more Indian than Mestizo. I had a Spanish Book of Mormon with me, but it wasn't on my table the first time he came by to ask for my plate. I had it out by the next time he came by, but he didn't seem to notice it, and I wasn't feeling bold enough to start a conversation. His extreme soft-spokenness when he asked if I was done with my plate was also indicative of Indian heritage.

I'll have to go back there again.


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