Saturday, November 05, 2005

International Festival, short report, Sat Nov 5, 2005.


Just a short recap until I have time to write more. At the International Festival.

# 468. Igbo BoM to man who parked next to me in the parking lot. He was wearing a t-shirt with the name of the Igbo Nigeria club I saw yesterday.

# ---. Wolof and Fulani Gospel Fundamentals to guys who I met yesterday, so they each had one of each language. Later gave French/English copies of Book of Mormon to them.

# 469. Burmese/English JS Testimony pamphlet.

# 470. Ewe/English JS Testimony pamphlet, to lady from Togo.

# 471. Czech BoM declined.

# 472. Latvian BoM.

# 473. Ukrainian BoM. (first)

# 474. Romanian BoM. (first)

# 475. Hungarian BoM. (first)

# 476. Slovenian BoM. (first)

# 477. Polish BoM. (first)

# 478. Wolof/English Gospel Fundamentals and Wolof/English JS pamphlet at another booth.

# 479. Turkish BoM at another booth.

# 480. Wolof/Fon/English Gospel Fundamentals, French/Dutch/English BoM, and
Wolof/Fon/Ewe/English JS Testimony pamphlet to _ _ _ _.

# 481. Tagalog/Cebuano/English BoM, and Taglog New Testament to president of Philippines club.

# 482. Hmong declined.


After the Int'l festival I went to the Single Adults conference. I met a recent convert from Zimbabwe who spoke Shona. She already had a Shona Book of Mormon, but didn't get one until after she joined. I gave her the name and phone number of a Shona-speaking member in another ward, and the name/number of a Shona speaking investigator. She didn't know them already. But, she knew the name of the musical group that my investigator friend played in back in Zimbabwe. The other member and the investigator gave me permission to give out their names/numbers to other Zimbabweans.


At the Singles conference, I met a Portuguese and Spanish speaking Brazlian member. She had a Portuguese, but didn't have a Spanish Book of Mormon, so I gave her a Spanish.


I gave 4 Chinese BoM's (2 traditional and 2 Simplified) to a single brother from another town to take the next time he goes to Chinese restaurants in his town.


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