Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Russian at laundromat. Wed, Nov 3, 2010.

11/03/2010. 1260. Laundry night at the usual place. A guy I hadn't seen there before struck up a conversation with me, asking what languages I spoke. Wow. I told him English and Spanish. He spoke Russian. He was waiting on his dryer, and seemed a bit desperate for conversation as he invited me to sit next to him to talk. He had been in the US for several years, but in Indianapolis only a few weeks.

After we chit-chatted a while, I found out he was Baptist, and was looking for a Baptist church within walking distance. I told him I had a book in Russian from my church, and he was very interested and eager to receive it. So I went out to the car and dug out a Russian and an English Book of Mormon, a Russian Liahona, and a couple DVD's. When I presented them he eagerly accepted them, but he didn't want the English Book of Mormon.

He gave me his name and number on a slip of paper, asking for business in his line of service work. We didn't talk about family, but I assume he's in town by himself. I might call him in a few days to see if I can buy him dinner.

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