Saturday, May 09, 2009

Chinese, Spanish at restaurant. Sat, May 9, 2009.

05/09/2009. 1137. I was on my way home from the baptism and decided to stop at a Chinese buffet. I've been there before, but I think the waitress was new. I thought I had given out all my Chinese copies to the missionaries, so I only took in a Chinese Liahona and the corresponding English issue, along with a couple Spanish Liahonas to read. I had a second smaller bag with Chinese copies of the Book of Mormon in the car, but I had forgotten about it.

The waitress was busy, but eventually she noticed the Chinese Liahona on my table. She did a couple of double-takes on it. So I tried to strike up a conversation. She didn't seem to understand my offer to give it to her, so I used the limited Chinese I know "gay knee" (give you) and "mien fay" (free, or no money). She accepted the Chinese copy, and initially turned down the English, but I tried to convey the idea she could learn a little by using both. She eventually did accept the English.

1138. After eating, on my way out of the restaurant, I passed an Hispanic family and offered them one of the Spanish Liahonas, which they accepted.

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