Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Arabic at grocery store. Tue, Mar 31, 2009.

03/31/2009. 1128. I was just starting to check out at the self-serve check-out registers at a grocery store. Two men in the next self-serve check-out aisle were just leaving, and were speaking a foreign language. As they passed by, I asked one of them what language they were speaking. He said Arabic, and they were from Sudan. I asked if he still liked to read in Arabic and he said yes. I offered a church book in Arabic, making mention that it was Christian material (since most Arabic-speakers are Muslim). He agreed to wait for me outside while I checked out, and then would get it for him.

I finished, paid, and went outside and got Arabic and English copies of the Book of Mormon from my car. I didn't even bother to put my stuff in the car, just leaving it sit in the cart. I walked around looking for them, and when someone honked their car horn at me, I turned around and it was them. They were very grateful for the books. I asked if they were Muslim, but he said they were Christian. I pointed out my name and the info flyer inside, and invited him to visit.

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At 3/31/2009 08:34:00 PM, Blogger Weston Krogstadt said...

That is so cool. There are a lot more christians in those Muslim countries than you think. Keep up the good work.


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