Monday, February 23, 2009

Chinese Bibles and DVDs at restaurant. Mon, Feb 23, 2009.

02/23/2009. 1114. I felt inspired to go out of town to have lunch at a certain Chinese buffet restaurant that I was aware of.

I put several things on my table while I ate: Traditional Script and Simplified Script copies of the Chinese Book of Mormon, English Book of Mormon, Chinese and English copies of a Liahona magazine, and two copies of a bilingual Chinese/English New Testament from the International Bible Society.

On one of her passes by, I asked the waitress if she liked to read in Chinese. She said she did, so I offered her the free material. She started flipping through the stuff, and soon we were joined by another waitress and the male cashier. Before they had to get back to work, two of them accepted the bilingual New Testaments. They said they already had copies of the Chinese Book of Mormon. However, since the word for "book" on the cover of the Chinese Book of Mormon means "Bible", they may have mistaken it for "Mormon Bible", and already having a Chinese Bible, they just said they already had it.

(Update) I later remembered that a year or more ago I sent copies of the Chinese Book of Mormon to the missionaries in that city, so it is possible that they already had copies of it.

When I paid up front, I offered the cashier DVD's of "Finding Happiness", "Together Forever" and "Heavenly Father's Plan" which he accepted.

I saw a Big Lot's on my way to this restaurant, so I planned to stop there on my way back home. But apparently, there was another delivery to be made.

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