Friday, May 16, 2008

Chinese at restaurant (lunch #2). Fri, May 16, 2008

05/16/2008. 1023. I met up with my group in another city. We were there for a hobby convention in the day, and a training seminar that was scheduled for 6:00pm. A little before 4:00 pm they wanted to go out to eat for either a late lunch or early supper, and they invited me along. I said sure, as long as it was Chinese.

We found a Chinese buffet restaurant nearby. I took in my Asian language book bag with me. We were seated, and then we attacked the buffet. When I got back to my seat, I took my standard stuff out of the bag: both kinds of Chinese Book of Mormon (traditional script and simplified script versions), a couple DVDs (Finding Happiness and Together Forever), and a Chinese edition of the Liahona magazine, along with the same issue in English.

When the waitress brought us our drinks, I couldn't tell if she noticed that the material on the table was in Chinese. I asked if she liked to read Chinese, and she showed definite interest, and enthusiastically accepted the simplified script Chinese Book of Mormon along with the English edition.

After paying, I offered the magazines and a DVD to the waitress, but she said other people brought by magazines. But she did accept the Finding Happiness DVD.

There was another smaller Chinese restaurant in an outlot in front of the buffet restaurant, and I thought I might go there for a late meal after the training seminar.

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