Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"The Dance" and "Singles 2nd Ward." Buy the DVDs!

I recently purchased and watched these two movies. Money and time well spent. (I previously described "The Dance" movie here.)

"The Dance" is about three couples going to a church dance: two single college students, two single thirty-somethings (one a single mom), and a 60-ish couple whose marriage has gone stale.

The "single-isms" spoken by the 30-something guy really cut me to the quick. I thought "What a jerk that guy is" and in the very next moment I thought "Ouch! That's me."

It's one of the better Mormon movies. It could have used some professional polishing in a few parts, but the dialogue, directing, and cinematography have really improved from past LDS-themed movies. I think it's by the same people who produced "Best 2 Years."

I think women will like it, but guys won't necessarily think it's a chick flick. Heartwarming. Not campy.

Links: Main website. Trailer. Trailer #2. IMDB. Plot summary. Buy at HolyMovies.com.

Very worth the $16.22 plus shipping.

"Singles 2nd Ward" has most of the same principal actors from "Singles Ward". But it's a much better movie. More professional in its writing, acting, directing and cinematography than the first installment.

This one is more from the girl's standpoint, as she's the one occasionally talking to the camera, but still staying in character. I think that's kind of what Bob Hope used to do in his movies.

There are still some Mormon in-jokes. One cute moment is when a hungry non-member buys food from a kid in sacrament meeting.

This one is campy and humorous, so I didn't mind some of the unpolished parts. Some of the weak parts could have been cast better with more professional actors. But the repeat principal actors from the first installment were good. Also worth the $17.99 plus shipping.



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