Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Chinese at restaurant. Follow-up. Wed, Aug 15, 2007.

08/15/2007. Journal entry. Follow-up to #805. I had a late supper at a restaurant where I last ate March 20th of this year. Tonight I gave my waitress a Chinese copy and the corresponding English copy of the Liahona magazine. She took it to the cashier's station.

On the way out I asked the cashier if she had read any of the stuff I left last time, and she said only a little. I offered her some more videos, and she said okay. There was a Spanish-speaking customer at the cashier station, and I chit-chatted with him a bit in Spanish.

I brought back in some videos, and gave her Finding Happiness, Our Heavenly Father's Plan, and Together Forever. I gave the Spanish-speaking gentleman Special Witnesses of Christ.

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