Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Who is my neighbor? He died, and I didn't know it.

05/09/2006. I knew he was in the hospital a while back. I knew he was house-bound. Today I found out he passed away sometime in April. I was going to stop by to ask if I could visit him. I was going to offer to loan him some DVDS from my movie collection and some church DVDs. I was going to tell him that his kids were the best behaved in this courtyard. I could'a. I would'a. I should'a. I didn't.

In March I thought about telling one of the elderly sisters in the ward how much she meant to me, and how much I admired her. She does a lot of service for others. She's the only member in her family. I wanted to say to her that I wanted to tell her to her face what a good example she was so I wouldn't be at her funeral (some time in the future) telling people how much I regretted not having said it to her face.

Well, she's still living, but one of her sons died. How much more that would have meant to her having heard that before her son died.

I need to write "Christmas in July" (or May) cards and letters, and tell the people I admire that I admire them, and why. I don't want to be at someone's funeral regretting that I didn't tell them, in this life, how much they meant.


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