Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Moment #583. Spanish at restaurant. Tues, May 16, 2006.

05/16/2006. My home teacher and I had supper at a local Mexican restaurant. The food was good. I forgot to put the books out after we ordered, but did so at some point after we started eating. I had brought in a Spanish Bible, an English Bible, a Spanish Book of Mormon, and an English Book of Mormon.

After my home teacher paid, I made a quick presentation at the cashier's counter. She already had Spanish and English Bibles, but she accepted the Spanish and English Books of Mormon. I was a bit too quick, and didn't ask if she'd like to learn more, or wait to see if she had any questions. But I did point out the address of the church and the mission office phone # on the flyer inside.

There were two other customers there when we arrived, but we were the only ones there by the time we finished. It was good food. Local friends can email me for the name and address of the restaurant.


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