Monday, February 19, 2007

Chinese declined at restaurant. Mon, Feb 19, 2007.

02/19/2007. 796. I had supper at a nearby Chinese restaurant at a strip-mall. I've had lunch here before, but I don't think I've ever attempted a book placement here. I placed my order and sat down. The cashier brought my main dish first, and said he'd be back with the egg-roll. He glanced at the Chinese Book of Mormon and the bilingual Chinese/English New Testament on my table, but he was moving too fast for me to strike up a conversation.

When he came back with the egg-roll he looked at the book again, and I asked him if he liked to read Chinese. He flipped through the Chinese Book of Mormon, and I made my offer, but he had to put it down and go back to the counter to attend to customers who just came in.

After he attended to the other customers, he seemed to talk to the other employees about the books, as a couple of them glanced in my direction. But of course, I don't know what they said.

After I finished eating, I went back to the counter to place a tip in the tip jar, and offered the books again, but he very politely declined.

As this is very close to me, I'll be back in the future, and will try to offer some videos that have Mandarin/Cantonese audio tracks* next time.

*Finding Faith in Christ, $1.36/each.
  Finding Happiness, $1.50.
  Joy to the World, $2.88/each.
  Special Witnesses of Christ, $1.50/each.
  To This End Was I Born, $1.50/each.
  Together Forever, $1.18/each.
  Introduction to the Church, $1.50/each.
  Our Heavenly Father's Plan, $1.50/each.

I buy them in cases of 50 in order to get the lower price. If you buy individual copies, they are $4.50/each, except Joy To the World, which is $6.20/each in single quantities. Go in with your ward mission leader, or other members of your ward, to get the lower price, which makes them cheaper than the Book of Mormon.

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