Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Swahili & Luganda at drug store. Tue, Jan 4, 2011.

01/04/2011. 1266. This was an assignment. I was inspired to do laundry on the other side of town at a laundromat that I used to frequent. Nothing happened at the laundromat or the nearby store where I bought something, so I thought I had blown it. But as I left I saw someone enter a nearby drug store who I wanted to meet. I went in looking for him, but couldn't find him in the store. So I just bought some stuff I needed anyway that was on sale. On my way to the check-out I heard a man speaking English with a slightly British-African accent, so I struck up a conversation with him.

He was from Uganda and spoke Swahili and Luganda. I offered him some church material in those languages and he was very positive and enthusiastic about receiving them. So I asked him to wait while I retrieved them from the car. I brought back in a Swahili and an English Book of Mormon, and Luganda and English copies of Gospel Fundamentals.

When he saw them he was even more enthusiastic. We chit-chatted a bit, and I asked him to call me later and let me know what he thought of the material.

A few years ago, I met someone from Uganda who spoke Luganda, but I didn't have any Luganda material with me at the time, so that's when I started keeping the Luganda Gospel Fundamentals in the car.

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