Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Punjabi at gas station.

05/13/2009. 1140. I was on my way home from the chapel, and decided to stop at a gas station/convenience store for a soda. The two employees behind the counter looked South Asian (from India). I asked my cashier what language they were speaking, and he said Punjabi. I offered him a free Sunday School book in Punjabi from church (Gospel Fundamentals). I wasn't sure I had one in the car, so I said I'd come back on another day if I didn't have one in the car. He was rather enthusiastic about it, saying he liked to read in Punjabi, and hadn't had anything to read in a long time. I made sure he knew it was Christian material, and he said that was okay.

I did have a set in the car, and I brought back in both the Punjabi and the English Gospel Fundamentals, and Punjabi and English ocpies of the Joseph Smith Testimony pamphlet. He accepted them all very enthusiastically, and asked where the church was, so I showed him on the list of chapels that I put inside it.

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