Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ewe at investigator's. Wed, Apr 15, 2009.

04/15/2009. 1133. I was accompanying our ward's missionaries as they were teaching a family from Africa. A friend of the family stopped by for a moment, and during a short conversation he said he knew someone who was a member. I asked if the member had given him anything from the church, and he said no. I offered him a pamphlet in Ewe (his language) that described a little how the church was started (the Joseph Smith Testimony pamphlet), and he agreed to receive it.

On his way out, I accompanied him and retrieved a copy from my car and presented it to him before he left, and he politely accepted it.



At 4/19/2009 11:52:00 PM, Anonymous ama said...

I think it's amazing how many languages you have ready for any occasion. That's impressive! I've never even heard of that language. So how do you know which languages to have handy with you?

At 4/20/2009 09:57:00 AM, Blogger Bookslinger said...

The list of languages to keep in the car just grew over time. I knew there were Africans in town, so I put all the African languages in the car, Books of Mormon, then Gospel Fundamentals, and JST pamphlets. Then languages of India. Then I researched on the web to see what associations were in town, and added those, such as Latvian and Lithuanian. Then I met some Pacific Islanders, and added some of those languages. And whenever I met someone who spoke a language I didn't have, I added that language. It just grew.

At 4/26/2009 02:16:00 AM, Anonymous ama said...

Wow! So how long have you been doing this? also, what have been the results of the people who accept the Books?

At 4/26/2009 01:52:00 PM, Blogger Bookslinger said...

Since June 2004. Result? Who knows?

At 7/15/2009 05:21:00 PM, Blogger Bryce Wesley Merkl said...

Wow. That is a pretty amazing story. Since you deal with so many languages, this great site might help you find some that you're not familiar with (this is just the link to the Ewe page to get you started): E čegbe wiki browser


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