Thursday, April 23, 2009

Arabic, Yoruba at a store. Thu, Apr 23, 2009.

04/23/2009. 1134. I stopped by a store that is run by a former client of mine. It was just a social call. He invited me to come back behind the counter. We socialized a bit in between the time he was serving his customers. One of the customers there spoke with a cool accent. My guess was that he was French speaking, and he was. We started to talk about languages, and he spoke many. I eventually offered him some books from church in whatever languages he wanted. I made sure he knew they were Christian religious books. He requested Arabic and Yoruba. I also asked if he wanted the English translation, and he said okay. So I went out to my car and retreieved an Arabic, a Yoruba, and an English Book of Mormon. I didn't have all my boxes of stuff in there, or I would have offered him a Gospel Fundamentals in one of his other primary languages. I did have a "Together Forever" DVD that has a French audio track, so I threw that in for a bonus. He politely accepted all of them, and quickly flipped through the Arabic and Yoruba.

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