Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chinese at restaurant. Tue, Mar 17, 2009.

03/17/2009. 1125. Before going to the storehouse, I decided to do my weekly laundry on that side of town at a 24-hour laundry. But first, I wanted to have dinner at a restaurant that I haven't been to for a few years, and it was on my way to the laundry.

I sat down and ordered, and the waitress brought out my soup and appetizer. While eating I put out several books and magazines on my table: traditional and simplified script copies of the Chinese Book of Mormon, an English Book of Mormon, a bilingual Chinese/English New Testament, and Chinese and English copies of the Liahona.

There were a few copies of a Chinese newspaper sitting on one of the other tables, such that the waitress might have been reading them before I arrived. They looked like they were Traditional script.

When the waitress brought my entree, and cleared the appetizer tray, she noticed the material, and I introduced it a little bit. I asked if she were from Hong Kong, Taiwan, or China, and she replied Taiwan, and pointed to the traditional script edition of the Book of Mormon.

I offered her the material, and she accepted the Traditional script Chinese, and the English Book of Mormon, and the Chinese and English Liahonas. She said that she didn't read English very well, but when I opened both the Chinese and the English Book of Mormon, and read 1st Nephi 1:1, while pointing to both, she seemed to catch the idea of learning English by using both. Or else she just went along with me, and accepted the English edition just out of politeness. But she was enthusiastic about receiving the Chinese edition.

Before I left, I mentioned to her that if she liked what she read, and wanted to know more, she could call one of the phone numbers in the material, and could have someone visit her.

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