Saturday, October 04, 2008

Swahili at gas station. Sat, Oct 4, 2008.

10/04/2008. 1071. I was on my way home from priesthood session of conference. I had given a ride to one of the teenagers, and had dropped him off at his house after we had late night snacks at Steak -n- Shake with the others who attended priesthood session.

As I was about to drive past a certain gas station, I felt inspired to stop there, so I pulled in and bought some soda.

The cashier spoke with a slight accent, so I asked where he was from. He said Kenya, so I asked if he spoke Swahili. He said yes, so I told him that my church has free books in Swahili, and offered one to him. He agreed to see it, so I went to my car and retrieved a Swahili copy and an English copy of Book of Mormon. He had heard of the church, and accepted the Swahili copy.

I pointed out my card in the book, and the info flyer with the list of chapels, and the mission office number.

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