Monday, September 29, 2008

Spanish Liahona at restaurant. Mon, Sep 29, 2008.

09/29/2008. 1070. The ward mission leader and I had lunch at a Mexican restaurant near where he works. On one of the waiter's trips to our table to check on us, I offered him a Spanish copy of the Liahona magazine, along with the same English edition, and he accepted them.

I then remembered that I hadn't included any contact information with it, so when we paid, I gave a pass-along card to the cashier to give to the waiter.

The English edition of the Liahona magazine matches the content of the foreign language Liahona magazines. Because the Liahona differs slightly from the Ensign in content, it is appropriate to offer the English Liahona, not the English Ensign, when pairing it with a foreign language Liahona. If you match Liahona-to-Liahona, it then becomes bilingual material which can be read in parallel.

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