Friday, August 08, 2008

Korean Liahonas at meeting. Fri, Aug 8, 2008.

08/08/2008. 1043. I went to a meeting of a social club that I belong to. One of the other attendees is from Korea, and he goes to a nearby University. He's not totally fluent in English yet, but can get by. I met him a couple months ago at a previous meeting.

Tonight, as we were chatting during the social hour prior to the formal meeting, I decided to offer him some Korean copies of the Liahona magazine. I described them as free magazines in Korean from my church. I haven't given out very many Korean ones, so I had several copies in my car and back home. He was definitely interested, so I went out to the car and found three Korean copies, and two of the corresponding English Liahonas. One set was the March 2008 issue focusing on LDS beliefs about Christ.

When I brought them back in and showed them to him, he was definitely excited and gratefully accepted them. He's already a Christian, and I think a regular church-goer too, so them being Christian material did not turn him off. He was also grateful for the bilingual aspect.

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