Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Please donate for Myanmar (Burma) relief.

The International Rescue Committee has been assisting refugees around the world for 75 years. 90% of funds raised are spent on programs and services, 6% goes to administration, and 4% to fund-raising.

They have much experience in serving refugees of all types, whether they be those fleeing political strife or suffering from natural disasters.

If you'd like to donate, there's a link on the above page to donate specifically for Myanmar (Burma) relief.

You can check out International Rescue Committee or other charities at: Charity Navigator to see how much of their revenue goes directly to program services, and how much goes for administration and overhead.

Here's Charity Navigator's page for International Rescue Committee.

World Vision is another organization that already has people on the ground working in Myanmar (Burma). They are accepting donations for Myanmar too.

Here's Charity Navigator's page for World Vision.


Also, from LDS Philanthropies: (There's also a donation link on that page.)

Church Responds to Myanmar Disaster

SALT LAKE CITY - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints extends its sympathy and assistance to the citizens of Myanmar following the recent devastating cyclone.

Church leadership has approved funds to purchase large quantities of tarps, blankets, basic food, medical equipment, and especially clean drinking water for those in need. All items are being purchased in Myanmar or in nearby countries. The Church is partnering with Atlanta-based CARE International, a well-known non-governmental organization, to distribute the supplies.

Church humanitarian representatives will continue to monitor and assess the situation.

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